What to Expect on Your Hunt

Southern Colorado Outfitters, Inc. is dedicated to providing you with the hunt of a lifetime. We have lived and hunted in Colorado all of our lives. Our experience in big game guiding is second to none. Your camp will be located in some of the most beautiful mountainous country in Southern Colorado. We provide you with comfortable hunting camps as close to the game as possible. We employ a full-time camp cook and host and also a full-time wrangler to transport game to camp. Our guides and staff are the backbone of the operation with numerous years of guiding experience. These men are the secret to client success and satisfaction. We cannot guarantee you an animal, but we will work hard to put you in front of the animal you desire to harvest.

Bighorn Sheep and Mountain Goats

Sheep and goat hunts are Colorado's premier high country hunting experience. Physical fitness is an absolute must to participate in a hunt for sheep or goat. Our clients have enjoyed near 100% success to date. We know the country and understand sheep and goats. Licenses are limited and subject to a drawing. Applications are provided upon request to our clients. Drawing deadline is in April. We operate in numerous units for sheep and goat and can provide information on each area to help you decide on a unit that will meet your desires for trophy quality and physical difficulty. We currently operate hunts in units: S-6, S-7, S-9, S-10, S-11, S-12, S-17, S-20, S-47, S-49, S-60 and G-1, G-2, G-3, G-4, G-13, G-14.

Archery and Muzzleoader Elk and/or Deer

The month of September is a very special time in Colorado high country - BUGLE SEASON! The September Archery and Muzzleloader hunts give us the opportunity to match wits and calling skills with the rutting Bull Elk. This is one hunt that all big game enthusiasts should experience at least once in a lifetime.

Bear and Lion Hunting at it's Finest

We offer premier mountain lion hunts on private property and on BLM land in several of Colorado's most heavily populated units. This hunt takes place from late November-March 31. Licenses are unlimited and can be purchased upon arrival. We use 4-wheel drive trucks and horses to cut tracks. Our well-trained pack of hounds will tree your lion and hold him at bay. Success is high and our clients harvest many record book lions each year.

Black bear hunts are conducted during the regular rifle Elk and Deer seasons in October. Licenses for these hunts are unlimited and can be purchased over the counter. We also have a September bear hunt that is subject to a drawing.

Antelope Hunts

Our Colorado antelope hunts produce some super bucks each year. With many heads in the 14-16" class. This hunt is conducted on private ranch land. The terrain is broken and spotting and stalking is the method most used to hunt.

We look forward to seeing you soon! Call today and reserve your hunt!

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